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The Road Of Plenty

(Written: t.b.d.)
This is an unreleased song...

Notes: (Life timeframe)

One day a visitor
    took a trip through my town
We all were dancin'
    till he took his beat away
Come to think of it,
    he thought of every last detail
Slipped out late one night
Completely out of sight
Left his message
    etched into my brain.

And when the gates are closed
    on The Road of Plenty
The fist comes poundin' down
    you feel it everyday
It's hard to really know
    if you are full or empty
Here it comes again
You think I'm your old friend
But now we're not so easily found.

Me and my old Corvette,
    we were flying through the night
Chasin' my blonde lover down skyline
She saw the buck
    and her tail lights flashed
        to avoid a crash
It was way too late
When I hit the brakes
And we went spinnin'
    with a screeching sound.

I was talkin' to my friend,
    tellin' him I lucked out
He smiled at me and said
    I'm glad you feel that way
And when I wrote that down
    on a piece of paper
Beneath a garbage heap
Down upon the street
A Mariachi band began to play.

Up in the gold hotel,
    the money hits the table
The heavies are all there,
    that's why the deal goes down
With beautiful women
    all dressed in diamonds and sable
Down upon the street
Beside a garbage heap
A Mariachi band began to play.

In Eldorado town
    there lives a great bullfighter
His eyes are screamin' blue,
    his hair is red as blood
And when the gate goes up,
    the crowd gets so excited
Then he comes dancin' out
Dressed in gold lame'
He kills the bull
    and lives another day.