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High School Graduation

(Written: t.b.d.)
This is an unreleased song...

Notes: (B.S. Again timeframe)

The brick jail doors
    that closed behind are cracking
The school boy told the woman in the street
Last night
    I heard the bells of summer rapping
The word vows of a mother incomplete

The emptiness of summer must begin it
The nagging of the mother of the wild
Convinced me that I had no way to win it
She took it from my hand and then she smiled

The coldness
    of the closeness of the moonbeam
The walking in the dawn to greet the night
The water and the flower is a bad dream
The stocking drawn reveals the end of sight

It's over 'cause it's older than the midnight
The school boy told the woman on the street
The joining of the weekend - Monday daylight
Will leave the black rose meeting incomplete.